Some Unusual Settings:

  • Player Render Distance is 256 blocks so you see players from further away!
  • Everything else such as mobs and animals etc are rendered for 64 blocks! (which is already higher than default)
  • Server Render Distance is 16 and Simulation Distance is 10!
  • Server required 25% of the online players to sleep to make it day!
  • Every Villager Death shows in chat!
  • Despawn time increased to 15 minutes.

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Expanding Worldborder

We started with a worldborder of 150. This expands every amount of minutes with an amount of blocks. This changes during the season. World is Currently locked on 30k x 30k blocks.

Right Click Armor Inventory

Right Click whilst holding and on hover in inventory to quickly swap armor pieces.

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Armorstand Customization

Customize any armor stand by looking at them and using /armorstand or /as. To edit the armorstand.

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Armorstand Poses

Change the poses of the armor stand with the 20+ presets included in the menu.

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Swapping Gear With Armorstand

Whilst Holding Shift + Right Click an Armor Stand you can quickly swap out your armor and gear!

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Better Disenchanting

When using a grindstone. And an item gets combined with a book. You get back the enchantments on the book! WARNING: Keep in mind that the original enchanted item will be lost in the process!

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Coordinates Display

Your coordinates Show on screen! You can toggle this using /togglehud

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Get Back Used Name Tags

Whilst Holding Shift + Right Click + Holding Shears on a mob with a nametag you will be able to get your name tag back!

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Invisible Item Frames

Right Click an item frame whilst holding a shear will make it Invisible. If you remove the item the itemframe becomes visible again.

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Edit Signs

Whilst Holding Shift + Right Click (with empty hand) a sign to edit the text on the sign. No need to replace the sign. Your colors and glow ink will also keep thier properties.

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Snowball Damage

Snowballs and Eggs do damage to entities and players whilst also adding a little knockback on top of it.

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Improved Combat

You are able to hit enemies whilst swinging through grass

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Custom Shaped Nether Portals

This allows you to make a nether portal in any size you would like. You can even use crying obsidian if you want to!

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Shulker Box Contents

Shift + Right Click an shulker box in your inventory to open a shulker box without placing it down

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Repair Anvil

Right Click with an iron block on an anvil to Repair it.

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Hoe Harvesting

Breaking grass or crops with a hoe will break a 3x3 of them. A Diamond & Netherite Hoe will break a 5x5 instead. If you put Fortune on the hoe, it'll also apply that effect to everything it breaks.

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Bundles are in the game. Right clicking items will allow you to place items inside be bundle. Right click on an empty inventory space will give you items back.

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